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Number of subjects to be in sketch:
Date the sketch is needed:
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Payment Type: PayPal
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Special Instructions:
You will be prompted to pay deposit for your order on next page.

Money orders are accepted or you may pay for your purchase with PayPal. PayPal is a secured site that will accept a credit card or make a payment from your checking account. If you do not have an account with PayPal, it will step you through signing up for one.

Upon receipt of the email:

  • I will reply letting you know that I have received your email order. I will send you a mailing address if you are going to mail the photo rather than sending the photo as an email attachment.
  • Upon receipt of the photo:

    • I will reply letting you know that I have received the photo.
    • I will discuss the photo, if I feel I can sketch the photo for you and the layout for the sketch.

    Once negotiations are agreed upon:

    • You will be required to send 50% of the price of the drawing. The deposit is non-refundable once the sketch is started.

    Upon receipt of payment:

    • Your sketch will be scheduled. I will give you an idea of how soon I will be able to begin to work on your sketch, which will depend on my current workload. I will not rush any drawing, but I strive to create the best drawing and likeness of each photo I receive.

    Completion of drawing:

    • I will scan the sketch and email it to you. This will give you opportunity to let me know if there is something you feel is not right. I will work with you to try to get the sketch the way you would like. Each drawing is a work of art and my interpretation of your photo.
    • When the sketch is accepted, the balance of the full payment will be due.

    Upon receipt of your balance:

    • The sketch will then be shipped to you.